Who Can Use a Private Mailbox?

At Home Professionals:  Have a credible street address and an office away from your home. Never worry about your packages being left on your door step.

Medical Professionals:  Limit delivery disruptions to office and patient waiting areas.   

Retirees:  We can receive and hold checks, packages, and important documents. We will even forward your mail to you if you plan to be gone all season (extra charge applies).

Sales Reps:  We are always here to accept overnight letters and packages.

Teachers: We will receive your mail, including checks while you are away on vacation or sabbatical.

Students: Do not change your address every time you move. We can forward your mail wherever you are during breaks.

Contractors & Construction Companies: Do not miss important deliveries while working onsite. We will accept and sign for your deliveries and give you access to your mail.

Human Resources/Personnel Managers: Collect resumes confidentially and at your convenience.

Anyone: Anyone needing a real street address, convenience and personal service!  Helps prevent Identify Theft!