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Shipping Firearms at The Mail Center, Etc.*

The Mail Center Etc will accept and ship firearms, using FedEx Express ONLY, between areas served in the U.S. under the following conditions:
  • Either the shipper OR recipient is verified to be:

    • a licensed manufacturer

    • licensed importer

    • licensed dealer or licensed collector.

  • The shipper and recipient must be of legal age as identified by applicable state law. ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED!

  • Firearms must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service.

  • We cannot ship or deliver firearms C.O.D. or with a signature release.

  • The outside of the package must not be marked, labeled or otherwise identify that the package contains a firearm.

  • The weapon must be rendered safe for shipment. 

We cannot and will not ship firearms by any other carrier or other than overnight express service.

Under no circumstance bring loaded firearms or firearms with ammunition in the same package into The Mail Center Etc.

We DO NOT ship or handle ammunition.  Ammunition is an explosive and must be shipped separately by a carrier center  authorized to ship dangerous goods.

* For your protection and convenience we strictly adhere to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.  NO EXCEPTIONS!