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The Mail Center Etc Packaging Requirements

When packaging your shipments, please abide by the minimum requirements below.

General Packaging Requirements

Carriers can - and will - deny damage claims on packages improperly packed.


Do not reuse stressed or damaged boxes.  All carriers strongly recommend using new boxes, or boxes that have not moved through a transportation system. 

2. Position contents in the center of a sturdy box and surround it by cushioning with bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, corrugated fiberboard, foam pads or molded plastic material.
3. Cushion fragile items inside one box as listed in step #1, then put that box into a larger box with 2" to 3" of cushioning around the inner box. Fragile items are any items that are breakable and/or contain any glass.
4. Do not exceed the weight specifications for your box.
5. Cover all sharp or protruding edges with taped corrugated panels or pads.
6. Do not wrap the outer box with paper.
7. Use proper tape to seal your packaging such as pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water-activated paper tape or water-activated reinforced tape. Tape should be at least 2" wide. Tape ALL seems and flaps.  Do not use cellophane tape, masking tape, duct tape, kraft paper tape, string or rope.
8. If an item has a finish that might be damaged by adhesive labels, soiling or marking, place it in a protective container or box.
9. Items that cannot be packed into cartons (auto pipes, mufflers, tires, etc.) should have all sharp edges and protrusions wrapped.
10. Do not ship shirt boxes or chipboard retail gift boxes unless you put them inside a strong, corrugated box.
Packaging Requirements for String Instruments
  • Arch top guitars, mandolins, and instruments with moveable bridges should have the bridges, tailpiece covers and any other parts that could come loose removed, wrapped securely and stowed.
  • If your guitar has a tailpiece, put padding between it and the body.
  • Cushion the peg head with bubble wrap or newspaper. Top and bottom.
  • Make sure the body does not move around in the case by adding bubble wrap.
  • Place the case in a larger box and surround with at least 2 inches of bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Cover all sharp or protruding edges with taped corrugated panels or pads.

Packaging Requirements for Jewelry and Watches

  • Jewelry and watches must be placed in a box that is 6" x 6" x 6"; or larger and sent via a shipping method with the signature confirmation service required.